Sweet Submitter Help & Support

Q: How do I use Sweet Submitter (Video Tutorial)?

Q: Are there any requirements/limitations?

A: The only requirement for using the Sweet Submitter software is that you install it on a Windows-based PC (we support XP, Vista, 7 and 8 both 32 and 64 bit), and an active internet connection in order to be able to communicate with our server. Apart from that, the hardware requirements are not high, meaning the use of our software will not interrupt your workflow.

Note that it is recommend to stop or pause any large downloads that you may be running while Sweet Submitter is building your backlinks.


Q: What kind of links and how many of them can I expect?

A: The links created by the software will be diverse in their PR status and no/do-follow parameters, so that they will appear extremely natural and organic to the search engines that will be crawling them (we've done extensive research in order to get the ideal ratio that Google/Bing and Yahoo require).

This means that you will be receiving both quality High PR links, as well as no-follow links from many niche-related and targeted websites (different root domains as well as server IP's).


Q: What are some of the recommended ways of using Sweet Submitter?

A: The backlinks created with our software, can be both highly beneficial to affiliates and website (product) owners, as well as other types of Internet users and webmasters that can benefit from an increase of free targeted search engine traffic (one of the most highly converting and profitable types of web traffic available).

Every product and website can benefit from an increase in search engine based visitors, as often times (if targeted correctly) this kind of traffic will convert at a high rate, while the total expenses will be much lower than trying to actively get and buy traffic.

Some users may also use the software for reselling purposes, i.e., run their own backlink building SEO service.


Q: How does the buying process work? What payment methods are supported?

A: After clicking on the checkout button on our purchase page and buying your license, you'll be immediately transferred to our download page where you can download your copy of Sweet Submitter.

Your personal sign-in information (Client ID) will be emailed to your order email address within a few hours (usually between 1-4 hours) after purchasing the product.


Q: Does the software work with non-English (and other types) of websites?

A: The software and the backlinks created by it can are beneficial to both the ranking of English and Non-English based websites, and there are no limits in this regard.

You can even manually select which local Google website (eg. Google.co.uk, Google.de, etc.) to use for the scraping and compilation of content/places to post your backlinks.


Q: What are your guarantees?

A: Our guarantee is that by using the software for link building and SEO purposes (combined with proper on-site optimizations, which are easy to do and you can contact us at any time if you need any suggestions), you will boost and increase your website ranking on the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo), and therefore increase your daily traffic from your targeted keywords and audience.

We often see websites go from page 3-4 to to the top 5 results within a short amount of time.

We also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee in case of any problems with the product - so your success is guaranteed.